North Carolina Football Coaches Association

Association News

The NCFCA exists to promote the profession of coaching football in the public schools of North Carolina.


Section 1.  Composition:  There are four classes of membership - Active, Allied, Honorary, and Thirty Year.

(a) Active.  Interscholastic coaches from schools who are recognized by the NCHSAA, and who belong to the NCCA, and who actively engaged in (or directly associated with) the profession of football coaching in the public schools and who are otherwise acceptable to the organization shall be eligible for Active membership.  Each Active member shall have the privilege of one vote. 

(b)  Allied.  Any individual who is or has been associated with football coaching at any institution of learning or established professional teams may be eligible for Allied membership regardless of whether at the same time he may be associated with football coaching in such institutions but who are no longer connected with the coaching profession, but not coaching, may be eligible for Allied membership.  Allied members are not eligible to vote. 

(c)  Honorary.  Honorary membership may be conferred on any person who has contributed to the advancement of football and shall come only through the endorsement of the Board of Directors.  A custom will be established that will make the immediate past president, if in good standing, an Honorary member.  Honorary members have the same privileges as Active members.

(d) Thirty (30) Year Members.  Any football coach who has been a member of the NCCA for thirty (30) years shall be made an Honorary member.